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Mobile App HealUA-Connecting Physicians with Each Other

GMKA has partnered with Empat studio to create the HealUA application. This mobile platform allows Ukrainian physicians and physicians from other countries to communicate patient care concerns, share knowledge and experience, and answer each other’s questions regarding clinical topics.

If you are a physician, we invite you to register for this free application and share your expertise with our international community.

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Observerships for Ukrainian physicians and trainees

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has disrupted the ability of physicians and medical schools to train the next generation of doctors.

GMKA is working with the American Society for Clinical Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO), the Ukrainian Medical Association of North America (UMANA), Dana Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI), Stanford University, the MD Anderson Cancer Center, Brown University, and other partners to secure funding and streamline logistics for the creation of 3-6 month observerships, visiting instructor positions, and research opportunities for Ukrainian physicians and trainees.

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Cancer care at the time of war

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has disrupted the ability of physicians to care for their patients. This disruption is especially critical in the field of cancer care, as delays in evaluation and treatment of cancer can lead to progression of disease and worsening of patient prognosis.

GMKA is working with the National Cancer Institute in Kyiv, Ukraine, as well as with other partners to assess critical needs within the Ukrainian health care system and assess gaps in cancer care provision. Electronic data collection will be crucial in the provision of care and resources during the war and in the rebuilding of the medical system in Ukraine in the years after.

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Medical and Surgical Supplies

The Global Medical Knowledge Alliance is committed to supporting Ukrainian physicians and hospitals in crisis. We provide medical and surgical supplies to hospitals based on their most critical needs. We determine need based on formal analyses done on the ground by our team and through communications with our partner physicians on the frontlines. We have a reliable delivery system through established logistical networks and are able to provide donors with direct reports.

We have delivered stop the bleed kits, tourniquets, surgical instruments, surgical staplers, electrosurgical equipment, surgical headlights and other critically needed supplies to multiple hospitals across Ukraine.

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