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Training opportunities for Ukrainian Physicians

We have established an opportunity for Ukrainian physicians to develop and hone transferrable medical skills via observerships at academic institutions and affiliated hospitals in the United States.

Each invited scholar studies at a hospital for 2 to 3 months in a specific area of inquiry that addresses ducational requirements abruptly terminated by the invasion of Ukraine and advances knowledge of and capacity for improved delivery of medical care and services in their country.

The aim is to provide knowledge that helps in the acute circumstances of an unprovoked war against their sovereign nation and simultaneously offers enduring skills that carry the promise to expand and advance medical care in times of peace.

The observerships are offered through a unique partnership between the Heal Ukraine Group and the Harvard Scholars at Risk (SAR) program at Harvard University. Scholars are chosen for participation based on their qualifications, identified need for advancement in a given area of medicine, capacity to spread newly acquired knowledge and skills, and other criteria such as English proficiency. Scholars are then paired with committed mentors and supervisors within the Harvard Medical and Science Faculties who have expertise in the identified topic.

The overarching objective of this initiative parallels the goals eloquently expressed by President Zelenskyy when recently addressing academicians. We aim to bring teaching and newly developed skills back to Ukraine to foster the regeneration and expansion of medical infrastructure and healthcare delivery. The goal of conceptualizing and designing this initiative is to revive and revitalize, not simply repair and rebuild, medical infrastructure and care delivery in Ukraine.

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