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“Aid for Ukraine” – providing necessary medical equipment to hospitals in Ukraine

The Global Medical Knowledge Alliance is committed to supporting Ukrainian hospitals in crisis. Your donation will provide essential medical supplies to hospitals and paramedics in the war-affected regions of Ukraine.

These supplies are requested by Ukrainian physicians and are identified as “highest need” by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health. GMKA coordinates its fundraising efforts with USA-based volunteer organizations the Heal Ukraine Group (https://www.healukrainegroup.org/) and the Lake Country Medical Aid for Ukraine (https://www.lakecountryaid.org/). We have a reliable delivery system through established logistical networks in the USA, Europe, and Ukraine.

What do we supply?Where do we deliver?
• Cardiac Monitors (2)
• Infusion Pump (1)
• Portable Ultrasounds (8)
• Laryngoscope (1)
• Electrocoagulators (4)
• Stop the Bleed First Aid Kits (300+)
• Surgical instruments (300+)
• Surgical staplers (50+)
• Catheters, sutures, other consumables (300+)
• Surgical Headlights and
• Magnifying Loupes (10+)
• Wound Vacuum Therapy Units (30+)
• Izum Field Hospital
• Kramatorsk Field Hospital
• Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Children’s Hospital
• Kharkiv Regional Children’s Hospital
• Odesa Regional Center for Emergency Medical Care
• Rivne Central City Hospital
• Boyarka City Hospital in Kiev Oblast
• Lviv State Oncology Regional Treatment and Diagnostic Center
• Lutsk Hospital
• Paramedics in Kharkivska, Donetska, Mykolaivska (frontline) Regions

Medical Equipment for Evacuation Vehicles

Evacuating patients with blast and gunshot injuries to a medical facility requires an emergency vehicle equipped with portable equipment. GMKA supplied cardiac monitors, infusion pumps, and oxygen tanks which helped to safely evacuate the injured individuals from the frontline-located towns to the closest general hospitals in Ukraine.

Stop the Bleed First Aid Kits

The first-line emergency response to traumatic injury is preventing lethal blood loss. GMKA equips paramedics with high-quality IFAKs (Individual First Aid Kits) containing CAT gen 7 tourniquets, Celox or QuickClot hemostatic dressing, and chest seals. These quality products allow stopping bleeding in minutes, thus providing sufficient time to transport a patient with traumatic injury to the nearest hospital.

Portable Ultrasounds

Ultrasound scanning of internal tissues and organs isintegral to enhancing the immediate care of critically injured patients. GMKA supplies to Ukraine portable ultrasound probes (such as Butterfly iQ+) that could be conveniently connected to a tablet or a smartphone and function in a field hospital.

These ultrasound probes received excellent feedback from Ukrainian physicians as they allow the detection of life-threatening internal bleeding, guide anesthesiologists, and identify pathologic fluid in the abdomen, pelvis, or chest. Portable ultrasounds comprise an ongoing need for frontline hospitals and paramedics in Ukraine.

Surgical Instruments, Equipment, and Consumables

A growing number of trauma patients overwhelmed the surgical departments of Ukrainian hospitals. The full-scale Russian invasion triggered an opening of multiple field hospitals at the frontline war-affected areas. This uncovered the growing need for additional equipment for ORs, surgical instruments, and consumables. GMKA equipped Ukrainian surgeons with electrocoagulators, instruments for general- and neuro- surgery, staplers, clip appliers, suture material, as well as abundant consumables that accompany these surgical tools.

Surgical Headlights and Magnifying Loupes

Appropriate illumination preserves anatomic visualization and therefore is critical for surgery. GMKA supplies Ukrainian surgeons with quality surgical headlights and magnifying loupes with autonomous power units. Stationary illumination units are frequently not accessible at the frontline hospitals. Besides, massive attacks on civilian power infrastructure across the country cause electricity blackouts in hospitals, making these pieces of equipment more needed than ever.

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) Devices

Long-term treatment of wounds requires vacuum devices (wound vacs) for the healing process. GMKA supplied Ukrainian hospital manual and electric pumps for negative pressure wound therapy. These NPWT devices and consumables (canisters and drapes) are being delivered to hospitals across Ukraine that admit patients with war-cased trauma injuries.

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